Weekly Bulletin for 10/22/2017
Prayer Chain Ministry
Oakbrook is starting an email prayer chain ministry, so we can lift each other up in prayer as brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who have a prayer request can send an email to info@oakbrookchurch.org. That prayer request will then be distributed to members who have chosen to be part of Oakbrook’s prayer chain ministry. If you would like to participate in the prayer chain, please email Kathy@oakbrookchurch.org.
nternational Luncheon
The hospitality team is coordinating an international luncheon that will be celebrating diversity in the body of Christ on 11/12 following the service.  If you are interested in being a part of this event by bringing a dish from your home country, please email Haven Hoppel at
sunshineteachin@gmail.com by next Sunday, October 29th.
Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center
The Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center’s annual fundraising banquet is Thursday, October 26th at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City (Arlington), VA. The evening begins at 6:30 with a reception, followed by dinner and guest speaker Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation. There is no cost to attend;  an opportunity for faith promise giving will be provided during the evening. If you would like to support the CHPC and attend the banquet, please contact Wendy Giancola at 
or 703-328-8753 by Oct. 22 to reserve a seat.


Food Ministry
For the past 8 years, Oakbrook’s Food Ministry has been providing fresh food to the local community every week. We are currently serving over 100 families. As the ministry has grown, so have the opportunities to serve. If you would like to be part of this powerful ministry, please contact Melanie Hoffman at
We have opportunities to pick up food on Sundays, check in customers on Tuesdays, and assist in other ways.
We also have placed an announcement for the food ministry on Oakbrook’s Facebook page. Please share the announcement with your Facebook family and friends, so members of the community can learn more about Oakbrook’s food ministry and get involved. This is a great chance to have a tremendous impact!


Well Classes

The Well classes are up and running. The fall session, which began September 10, will be 11 weeks long from 9:30-10:30 AM every Sunday. We have two adult classes, plus prayer, and classes for the children. Please sign-up in the Lobby.

Opportunities for adults are:

1)Tapestry Women’s Group: “A Look Into Selected Prayers of the Bible” – Join the Oakbrook women as we study selected prayers from the Bible, discuss the content and pray together.

2) Prayer

3) Dave Waldrup’s class, started last week. Come join us as we read through the amazing book of Ecclesiastes. We’ll dive into the riches of Solomon’s treasure of wisdom and free living to find his discoveries of life’s true meaning. Reading one chapter together each week and doubling up the last week to cover 11 and 12. You’ll be glad you joined us on the journey.



Acorn Substitutes Needed!

Thank you to all that have recently signed up to volunteer in the Acorns ministry. We are currently creating a Substitute List for the ministry. This list is for the volunteers to have a list of people that they can call in case they need a replacement due to illness, vacation, etc. Since Oakbrook takes safety seriously, we require that all substitutes are also cleared through the safety program (background check and training). It is an exciting environment filled with Bible stories, activities, free play, and much more fun!  This is a way that you can get involved in the program, but not have a monthly commitment. Please contact our Acorns Coordinators if interested at 

Youth Group Meals

Get to know the Youth better by taking a meal to Youth Group on Saturday night. You’re invited to stay and be a part of the group for the evening. Contact:  John@oakbrookchurch.org


Ministry of Jesus

In 1982, Tom and Joan Beak were called by God to go to Togoland, the pre-World War I name for Togo. At that time the Togolese government recognized only 7 churches, so they worked under the covering of The Assemblies of God. The vision of the mission was to 1) Preach the gospel where it had never been heard, 2) Minister to the whole person following the model of Jesus,3) Train African leaders, and 4) do all in the power of the Holy Spirit.  In 1995, Gregg and Jayne Yarian brought their three young children to Togo, and Gregg began to work training subsistence farmers to be church leaders. 


Oakbrook Church has been connected with and supporting the Yarian’s ministry since 1995. Many teams from Oakbrook have traveled to Togo over the years to share in their work. The Ministry of Jesus currently strengthens the indigenous Togolese church in rural villages and trains up leaders for the church.