Oakbrook Church is a community pursuing and experiencing God while living and serving in Northern Virginia. Though we have no denominational affiliation, we seek to build bridges wherever possible. Oakbrook’s story belongs to God’s larger story of bringing grace and renewal to all of Creation. Embracing a common love for God, we have chosen for this season to merge our Faith Journeys in order to live out God’s love and grace in the world around us. Like Jesus, our aim is to be peace-makers, people-lovers, and intentional servants of God in a time when these are needed more than ever. Our worship atmosphere is contemporary, open and relaxed- Weekend Casual dress is welcome. Our Sunday messages seek to be Biblical and relevant while highlighting the importance of living authentically, humbly, and lovingly even when we do not know all the answers. Whether you are just starting out on your journey of faith, committing to a restart, or have loved and enjoyed God for many years, plan to come and join us. Oakbrook Church…where you will be respected, encouraged, and equipped to become the person you always knew you were meant to be. Scott Johnson, Lead Pastor scott@oakbrookchurch.org

Oakbrook Church
1700 Reston Parkway
Reston, VA  20194
(703) 437-4900

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