Are you looking for a Church that:

Believes God is Love and that Jesus

reveals Him completely?

Follows the Teachings of Jesus?


Depending on where we came from or how we grew up, we all approach faith with different perspectives and mindsets. At Oakbrook, we don't ascribe to or require anyone to adopt a particular view point. We teach and believe in a loving God, who pursues everyone and desires all to experience his forgiveness. He displayed this unwavering love through Jesus Christ -- not as a sacrificial payment, but rather as a sacrificial demonstration of his forgiveness. 


There is but one we look to and that is Jesus Christ. We teach his ways as he demonstrated compassion, justice, equality, care for the poor, and stewardship for all of God's creation. It is our hope and mission that these qualities are lived out by people in every community in order to bring God's kingdom to earth.

We hope you will come and join us on this journey.

Our Church Staff

John Moyle

Pastor of Youth,

Missions & Social Justice


Kathy Mallett

Pastoral Intern and Communications


Scott Johnson

Lead Pastor


Wendy Schryber




Rick Schryber

Pastor of

Family Life

Our Fearless
Leadership Team

John - Pastor of Youth, Missions & Social Justice. :  Scott - Lead Pastor. :  Rick - Pastor of Family Life

The Oakbrook Leadership Team is comprised of members of the congregation and the pastoral staff. The team is responsible for discerning, communicating, and promoting the spiritual direction of the church, setting the annual budget, and overseeing all financial details of the church. 

The members possess diverse personalities, skills, and passions, and collaborate in a spirit of unity.